Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an emergency answering line for tenant and building emergencies?
Yes. Tenants can call 24 hours a day 365 days a year in case of any maintenance emergency.

Do you handle evictions?
Yes, we can send the proper legal notices and then can coordinate the actual eviction with an attorney. The attorney fees are the responsibility of the owner.

Will I need to set-up bank accounts for the property Epro Property Management is managing?
No. We set-up a bank account for each owner for the operation of their property. Because of our relationship with our bank, there are no charges for this account.

Will I have to hold the security deposit(s)?
No, we prefer to hold the security deposits to ensure that the deposits are handled legally. You are not charged any additional fees for this service.

Does Epro Property Management run background checks on tenants?
If we manage the leasing of a property, yes, we run credit and background checks on all of our tenants. We check criminal history, credit history, and for past evictions.

How will I receive the rental income from the property?
We typically send all of our payments to owners via ACH so the funds are deposited directly into your bank account without you incurring any charges. If you prefer an actual check, we can accommodate that as well

I already have a leasing agent I would like to use, can I just use Epro Property Management for property management and not leasing?
Yes, absolutely. We are happy to work with any leasing agent you have a relationship with, we just ask that they use our lease documents when they find a tenant.

Is Epro Property Management willing to work with contractors that I prefer?
Yes, we are happy to work with any insured contractors you have previous relationships with, except in emergency situations. If an issue in a unit needs immediate attention and we are unable to reach your contractor, we will use one of ours to ensure the issue is taken care of in a timely manner.

Is Epro Property Management insured?

I do not want Epro Property Management to pay some bills for my property (i.e. taxes, mortgage payments, etc), is that okay?
Yes, we do not require that owners have us pay all bills. Owners are welcome to continue to pay any bills related to the property that they prefer.

Does Epro Property Management work with any overseas clients?
Yes, we work with both investors and homeowners living out of state and overseas. We are accustomed to accommodating Skype and international phone calls. We can also accept and send money via wires when necessary.
Will the tenant have my contact information?
No, you are protected from any tenant calls and e-mails. We will manager all tenant communications and ensure they follow all the rules of their lease.